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No job is too small

Even if you don't have a large scale problem you need to solved, you can rely on T. Basch Inc. Excavating to take care of you. Whether you're looking for someone to handle tree removal in your yard or to solve issues you've been having with your water or sewer lines, we have you covered.


No matter what your excavation issue is, we're available 24/7 to take your problems off of your hands. Don't leave these jobs to the amateurs, place your trust in the experts.

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You can count on us for personal, courteous service. Since 1938, we've dedicated ourselves to making sure our customers know that they're our highest priority. No matter what kind of job you want to get it done, we treat each and every one of our clients with the same prompt service and fair, competitive prices.


Don't wait until the last minute, if you want your job done right the first time, get an estimate from T. Bash Inc. Excavating today.

Over 75 years of personal attention

  • Tree removal

  • Water and sewer line repair

  • Drainage

  • Topsoil sales

  • Snow removal

You can trust T. Basch Inc. Excavating for fair prices on even the smallest contracting services